Sunday, November 25, 2007

It's been quite a while since I've entered anything! Thanksgiving is over and the Christmas holidays are fast approaching! I've been busy both making and selling my pretty jewelry. I did a couple of fairs and flea markets. I've been teaching classes. The Egyptian Coil was very well received and I'll be teaching it again this week. I got home from Oviedo Friday night and I'm just getting organized for my CA trip and after that, Christmas.

I'm, again, not putting up a tree! This is my fourth Christmas here in Florida and my fourth year not putting up a tree. The two trees I have are sitting nicely in their boxes in the shed. Last year I put up a few lights on the windows but I don't think I'll even do that this year.

The reasons that I haven't been putting up Christmas decorations are:
1. I'm never home very much to enjoy them.
2. My family, as I brought them up to do, stay in their own homes for Christmas. They and the children stay home and enjoy the spirit of family at this most family oriented holiday! I join one of them. I try to even it out and spend the holiday with a different family each year.