Sunday, January 6, 2008

Daisy Chain Bracelet

Now I'm really home! It's always bittersweet to come home. On one hand I'm happy to be here with my "things" (computer, Tivo, TV, bed, kitchen, tools, etc). I can move around or not as I please. I don't have to be nice to anyone.....except myself. On the other hand I miss everyone! I've been in the company of at least one of my grandchildren everyday for the past month and I miss them! I never get "too much" of them! My children and their spouses are all such good and interesting people that I don't tire of their company, either.
I've unpacked, organized and reorganized my jewelry making supplies and I'm gearing up for a full month of teaching! The picture here is of a bracelet I call Daisy Chain. It is made with the pattern Victorian Garden. My teacher, Linda Wilder, of La Mesa, CA taught me this while I was there in early December. It is a big hit and this is my version of it with all pearls instead of the pearl and crystal combo. If you're in the Fort Pierce, FL area I will be teaching this at Beads and Baubles the end of January. If you're in the San Diego area this pattern is taught at the Bouncing Bead in La Mesa.