Sunday, July 1, 2012

Helm's Weave

If you're in the Orlando area I will be teaching Helm's Weave Chainmaille bracelet on July 5th at FDJ Tools in Winter Park, FL at 5PM. The class size is limited so please call or register on line ahead of time to reserve your spot in the class!
I've been into making wire wrapped rings lately! Thanks to Mei Tan's great tutorials it has been easy! Here are just a few examples. For her tutorials see the link below in "My Favorites"!
Thanks to a lovely pattern by Sabine Lippert I was able to make this Granada pendant. To show it off to its best advantage I managed a Russian spiral with rose gold beads from Cindy Beadlady! The story behind the spiral rope is I had a student request to learn a Single spiral. I went into the shop (Beads & Baubles in Fort Pierce, FL) armed with beads, tutorials and all the supplies to make a beautiful single spiral. On arriving I found that she did not want to single spiral but a "simple" spiral. This was the bead shop owner's name change for a Russian spiral which I had never done before! The shop owner handed me her tutorial and said "Here you can teach it". So I did. I learned it and taught it at the same time! The student was extremely happy with the resulting bracelet and I continued mine for this beautiful rope! Have you ever had an experience like this? If not and you meet up with one just exude confidence like you've been doing it works!