Friday, April 25, 2008

On the Road Again!

The traveling season is here again! In the next few months I will have visited Orlando, FL, San Diego, CA, Columbia, SC, and Long Island, NY. I'll be back at my old job in NY for six to eight weeks. I'll also be teaching jewelry making while I'm there! I'll spend the remainder of the summer in SC helping my daughter adjust to being mother of two instead of one! It'll be my pleasure to spend the time with her, my grandson and my new granddaughter! Speaking of my grandson....he has started taking karate lessons! At just 3 1/2 he is soooo excited about this! I could just hear the excitement in his voice while he was telling me all about the stripes he will get on his belt with each class! I can't wait to see him in his class!

The Spider Web or Dream Catcher is a piece done after reading the instructions on one of my Yahoo wire groups. I love it and call it Dream On! I've told the tale of the little copper butterfly being tempted by the sparkles in the center of the web. You can see that he or she gave into the temptation and can be seen flying away with one of the pretties!
I've been teaching classes these past two weeks. The above blue cab was made during one of the two wire wrap classes that I taught and the necklace is Helm's Weave or Parallel Weave that was Saturday's class. Always a big hit is the Victorian Garden Bracelet. That was Wednesday's class and I'll be teaching it again on Monday 4/28 and 5/28 at Beads & Baubles in Fort Pierce, FL. For more info on my classes go to:

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