Thursday, April 15, 2010

Small World

I've been on the internet for fourteen years but it still has me in awe! I love imagining someone sitting half-way around the world sitting there on their computer looking at my website or my blog. It is amazing that there is a room somewhere in Abu Dahbi where a person is getting a glimpes into my world! Amazing! Equally amazing is that I get to see part of their world.
Ok enough of my speculating on who is silently visiting me. Welcome, and I hope that you enjoy your time here with me in Florida!
Business has been pretty brisk lately. That is very good!
I just got back from visiting with my two daughter's and their families for the Easter holiday. While my youngest daughter was visiting my home we to a trip to West Palm Beach. While there we went to Rapids Water Park. Even 20 years ago I couldn't imagine walking around a park in my bathing suit. I guess I'm getting old enough to not care! We all had a great time. I even got swept off my feet in the wave pool! Best thing about that is no sand in my suit! I've lived most of my life within a mile of the ocean and remember the feel of all that sand creeping in places you don't want it!
Yesterday I started to experiment with some jump rings and Swarovski squares. I've seen a similar pattern with the Swarovski crystal rings but I didn't have any of those. I'm one for working with what I have at hand! I used copper Parawire rings that I made. I got the five squares that I had on hand at a Craig's List buy. Of course I didn't have enough to finish and I had to order more squares. I'm not sure what kind of clasp I'll use when I finish. Any suggestions?

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