Thursday, September 20, 2007

Home again

I'm back! The NY summer was very successful. I renewed old friendships and even made a few new ones! I went to a great block party in my old neighborhood and saw some people that I hadn't seen in years. It was a blast! I learned some new jewelry making techniques thanks to Cher at Studio 59 in Lake Ronkonkoma. Pictured here is one project done under her guidance.
The trip home went pretty smoothly and I got to spend a week with my daughter and grandson in South Carolina. He's getting so big and so smart! He's three and knows how to click and drag and drop on the computer!
One thing happened that made me worry and hurry home to Florida a few hours earlier than planned. I got a call from my neighborhood that the Terminex man had been to my house and found a broken valve in the bathroom that was spurting water into the air! The bathroom had water on the floor and was heading toward the room with my computer! He had turned the valve off and stopped the leak but the neighbor was unsure as to the extent of the damage caused by the leak. I had been gone for two months and who knew how long the valve had been spurting water? I made it from Irmo, SC to my home in Florida in 7 1/2 hours. I didn't stop for anything but gas and br breaks! When I arrived home I had imagined the worst. I figured I'd probably fall through the water rotted floor boards! To my utter amazement there was nothing wet except for the soaked bath mat and toilet seat cover! The leak must have just started! I examined floor boards, moldings, walls, furniture and carpet in the next room and there was no sign of any water damage! I'll have to call a plumber to fix the leak and maybe I'll need a new toilet but compared to what my imagination conjured up I'm getting off very easy! I'll never leave home without turning off the water, I'll never leave home without turning off the water..............................

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