Sunday, September 30, 2007

Wow, this week has really flown by! I can't believe we're starting a new week already. I didn't accomplish too much this week. I just took it easy and finished unpacking, cleaning out things, incorporating all my jewelry making paraphonalia into one area of the house (oh, for a bigger house with more storage!).
I just stocked the fridge today so no hurricanes please! Last time I did that Wilma came along and I lost everything I had just bought after getting back from NY!
I finished a couple of orders and mailed them off. I'm working on a couple of more. I'm trying to get myself ready for craft fairs but I haven't registered for any yet. How do you find them? I've searched the internet but how do you find the small church bazzars and pre-Christmas craft fairs and flea markets? That's the biggest problem!
The necklace above, is made with a very unusual stone that I found in a Rock & Gem Club show in Freeport, NY. It's called a view stone. It's Japanese and you can see some kind of view in each stone. This one is triangular and looks to me like the mountains in the west. Beautiful isn't it? Better in person! The chain is made with bright aluminum rings and is very light weight. The chainmaille weave is called the Barrel Weave. I'm selling it but I love looking at it and will find it difficult to part with!

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