Friday, October 5, 2007

Jewelry Photography

I finally got it! At least I think I got it. I've been experimenting with photographing my jewelry. I use my small Canon Powershot and use the macro setting, no flash and a timer. I'll eventually get a tripod but for now I'm just trying to have very steady hands! I put the jewelry on a sheet of white paper. Once the photo is taken under my Ott Lamp the background is gray not white. I use Photoshop Elements to edit it. I use under Enhance, Brightness/contrast and go to levels. Use the white eyedropper and click on the background. It makes it white again! Then I adjust the color, also under enhance, using hue. I'm amazed that I figured this out myself! I'm pleased with my pictures now and not ashamed to put them on my web-site. Maybe I'll write a tutorial on this someday.
The example I'm including in this post is a Full Persian bracelet in sterling silver with a magnetic clasp and a safety chain. This particular bracelet resides with a friend of mine in NY.

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