Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Well, the bathroom is all fixed and painted. My check list of things to do is getting a little bit smaller. Not small but smaller! My neighbor pointed out to me that the palm tree in my side yard is going to fall. It seems that the large amounts of rain loosened the earth so much that, in spite of the braces to hold the tree straight, the tree's roots are pulling up. I hear that palm trees have short roots. I had my gardener look at it and all he wants to do is chop it down! I'm hoping to save it but I can't spend too much money doing it! I hate taking down trees especially a beautiful palm! What to do? I don't know but I'll work on it.
The earrings are my tribute to fall. Even though there is not much of an autumn here in Florida I'm still in the autumn mood! There is a bracelet to match, too!

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Mei said...

Genny, I like this set. They look like washers. Are they? Maybe I still got the washer mood with me...LOL.