Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Baby Time

It's been a very busy month. I worked at my old job until July 16th. During that time I was involved with seeking out old high school buddies. The Seton Hall High School (Patchogue, NY) class of 1959 is planning a 50th (can you imagine!) reunion. I'm on the contact committee and have had fun locating old friends. We had one meeting where we were able to get together and plan. Of course, no one has aged, NOT! I also was able to have dinner with an old friend and her husband. That was such a thrill. I can't wait for the reunion next year!
I left NY and traveled to South Carolina. My daughter had not had her baby, yet, so I was able to help once she was in the hospital. Daphne Elizabeth arrived at 12:07PM on the 23rd of July just one day after her brother's 4th birthday and one day before her mom and dad's 9th wedding anniversary! It'll be a busy month for them that's for sure!
Mother and baby are doing well and so far Daphne is a very good baby! My jewelry making has taken a back seat to baby and big brother but I will get back to it asap!
The necklace in the picture is one of my better sellers in NY. It's made with Mykonos beads strung with seed beads and glass beads. I love it and I now have to make another on for me!


a2susan said...

Hi, Genny. Congratulations on the new baby!!! I'm glad both daughter and baby are is the big brother doing?

Yours, Susan from the bead cruise 509 table

Marilynart said...

What a precious addition to your family. She is just beautiful !!!
Hope to meet you in person at the bead retreat in October.
Marilyn in Fayetteville, GA