Sunday, May 13, 2012

Oh, so much time has passed since I last blogged! A whole year! I don't expect to catch up but here goes! I taught many, many classes in 2011 at Beads and Baubles in Fort Pierce, FL and those continue on! I attended and taught at 4 retreats last year. Two in NC and two in FL. I also had some very nice get togethers with my beady friends in SC. I made a trip to CA to see my son and his family in August (in time for Will's birthday) and I repeated that in March of 2012 in time for Bill's birthday! I designed La Mesa Sunset with Tila beads while sitting looking at the magnificent sunset from my son's windows!
I did a lot of traveling between South Carolina, North Carolina and Florida! California gave me a different coast altogether! I never get tired of seeing both the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean one day after the other! I make a point of doing that! I spent Thanksgiving and Christmas with Mary and Oliver which is always a wonderful thing! My son Nick moved from NY to Denver. I brings him a little further away but gives me a new place to visit and he seems to be quite happy with the move!

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