Sunday, July 1, 2007

For Bonnie Jean

Well I'm back. The story about the macrame class and the necklaces I made in that class is a long one but I'll try to condense. I was late, very late for this class! I thought it started at 1PM and it really started at 11AM. I got a call at 11:50 wondering where I was. I hurriedly got ready and drove there. The other two students were almost finished with their first necklace (we were to make two). The teacher was a beautiful women from Columbia South America who speaks very little English. In spite of that she was able to communicate the directions to me and I was able to do well. She stayed later and let me finish both of the necklaces. It seems she was a psychologist in Columbia but is not able to practice here. It's a shame but I'm sure she will do well once she is fluent in English. I was pretty impressed with her!

The Scottie necklace in the previous post contains the Scottie bead that I picked up in Beads and Baubles in Fort Pierce, FL when Luigi Cattelan visited last winter. He is pretty famous and comes from a long lineage of glass blowers in Murano, Italy. He will have an article in the coming October issure of Beads and Buttons. Along with Luigi, Susan Barrette, owner of Beads and Baubles with have her work with Luigi's beads, focused in that issue. I can't wait for that issue to appear on the news stands! It should be a treat for the eyes!
The Scottie necklace is in memory of our doggie, Bonnie Jean MacKenzie, who left us last July. We all miss her still!

The necklace in this post is bead crochet. I made it in one evening and it now adorns my daughter's pretty neck!

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