Sunday, July 22, 2007

What a week!

It's been some week! I worked at my old job for three days. It went well and it was great to see everyone! I was exhausted at the end of each of the days but I think that's to be expected.
The weather, here in NY, has been crazy! Wednesday all hell broke loose here on Long Island. Torrential rains, floods, even a tornado! On top of that a steam pipe broke in NYC and was the other talked about topic on the news. One lady died of an MI while trying to get away. Most people, in the area, thought it was a terrorist attack. I can't even begin to imagine what it was like for those that were walking by at the time it let loose!
I went to 112 Sewing (see link on the left) and I have my teaching schedule. If people are as interested this year as they were last I should get in quite a few classes in the next six weeks here in NY. The above picture is an example of one of the classes I'll be teaching there. It's a necklace made with size 5 seed beads in the single spiral pattern.
Today's my grandson's third birthday. I'm sorry I can't be in SC with him. I did give him a little party before I left him last week. He's so cute and smart! I miss him and his mom.

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