Monday, March 10, 2008

Bead Cruise 2008

I have been a real slacker where my blog is concerned! Being home has been good for me. Of course I don't stay put for very long! I left on a cruise 3/1 and I just got home. It was so much fun! I was a cruise virgin and I certainly did enjoy my first cruise. I went with a group of beaders. We took classes while at sea. My classes were taught by Eni Oken, a world renowned wire worker and Marsha DeCoster also world renowned in the beading world. I've come back so much more knowledgeable! Aside from the great classes I have to say that everyone of the people that I met during the cruise was a pleasure. From my fellow beaders to the ship's staff to the people in Jamaica they were all interesting, polite and fun. Our waiter, "Ping", had us in stitches every night. He was so entertaining. It seems he is from Thailand. He works for six months at a time and has two months off. Whew, what a schedule! He has a wife and two children that must miss him a lot.
A comment on the picture. I made this bracelet tonight. I used beads made by my NY friend Lea Avroch. They are so beautiful. The color is a deep teal with flecks of silver. The beads have such depth and shine that I sit mesemerized stareing at them!
they kind of remind me of the water's of the Carribiean.
I keep thinking and going back to the cruise in my mind. My body even seems like it is still on the ship!
I will try to be better and post here more often!

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