Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Wire, wire, oh wire!

As I said earlier I didn't take to wire wrapping right off the bat. I think the thought of having to buy all that sterling silver and gold-filled wire turned me off. I've since discovered that I don't have to use those wires. Almost any soft wire gives me the results that I want! Of course taking the classes from Eni Oken on the cruise last week really got my enthusiasm up! I am humbled by her expertise! I bought all her tutorials on a cd and I've been trying them out. Today I made use of the turquoise donut that I bought at Wm Holland school last year. This is the picture of it. It took me about 3 hours while watching TV. It is Eni's design. Her tutorials are easy to read and follow. That CD was such a good investment!
Today I finished up some of the aquamarines that I got at Ocean View mine. I'm in the process of wrapping one of them. My cabbing class is finished. I think I want to repeat it in the fall. Hannah is such a great teacher and I learned so much from her and I know if I take it again I'll learn that much more.
I also had a couple of very nice ladies come to my home, today, with some beautiful cabs that they made at the St. Lucie Co. Rock & Gem Club's open workshop. They want me to wire wrap them! I'm so flattered. We seem to agree on less is more and I can't wait to start wrapping them!
Tomorrow is another class. The beautiful Victorian Garden is the project at Beads & Baubles in Fort Pierce.

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