Sunday, May 27, 2007

e-bay day!

Today I met with a friend and had breakfast with her.
Some articles that I put up on were picked up. That's a great site for getting rid of things when you're cleaning out your house. If it's something that's too big to ship or something that you just aren't interested in trying to sell and you just want to get rid of Freecycle is great!
A good deal of my time, today, was spent putting vintage jewelry up for sale on e-bay. If you're interested in vintage/antique jewelry (pins, cameos, bracelets and earrings) or just want to watch what I have for sale look up "Items for sale by seller gsmth390" on e-bay. It's fun to see what happens. Most of my items are only listed for three days. I don't want to have to be bothered shipping when Bill and his family are here.
No jewelry making today. I did complete the necklace that I'll wear to the wedding. I'll post that picture tomorrow!

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