Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Good E-bay day!

Whew! I couldn't get into this blog! Google wanted me to use their acct email instead of Yahoo email that I usually use. It gave me a couple of bad moments but I'm here!
E-bay sales went real well today. Only one thing didn't sell and it's the pin that I like the best! It wouldn't be too bad if I had to keep it. I reposted it and we'll see how it does this time.
Everything that's paid for is packaged up and ready to go in the mail tomorrow. It really is a good system.

The picture shows a wire wrapped pendant and earrings that I did at William Holland Lapidary Arts School last September.

I called work today and got my schedule for the first two weeks back in NY. I'll be working more this year (just for the six weeks that I'll be in NY) because it's big vacation time. I got some bad news about people I know but I can't go into that here. Dialysis is a strange field for a nurse. You get really close to the people that you take care of and it's really hard to let go. That's why I go back each year. I don't want to let go of all those long term relationships that I've made over the 18 years of working there. It will be good to see everyone come July!

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