Saturday, May 26, 2007

A Good Class

We had a good class yesterday. I taught the wire-wrapped doughnut. While teaching I was able to make one of my own. My granddaughter's birthstone is turquoise and she really love the stone so I made this pendant for her. It is wrapped with sterling silver wire. It is reversible and it is a little more conservative on the reverse side. My student made a totally different pendant! Hers was made with a dichroic glass doughnut with a large hole. She did hers in 14k gold-filled wire and it came out just beautiful!
Emma is coming here next week and I'm wondering whether or not to give it to her now or keep it for her December birthday. I'll see what she's wearing to the wedding. If it's something that will go with the piece I'll just have to give it to her now! I'm going to make a turquoise and silver chain to complement it.

Well I'm off to teach another class now. Today we're doing a peyote bracelet made with different sizes of seed beads. I'm teaching this at Susan Barette's shop, Beads and Baubles, in Fort Pierce, FL.
Tomorrow I'll post a picture of the finished product.

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