Friday, June 1, 2007

Sad, Tragic Event

This is so not my usual blog entry! I'm from Long Island and I usually catch up on news from a daily Newsday e-mail. Wednesday I was very shocked and upset to see an article about a 59 y/o woman's murder. She was babysitting for her grandchildren when this monster sexually violated one grandchild and brutally murdered the grandmother. This happened in the town where I grew up and lived most of my life! That same evening, while calling a friend, I found out that the murdered grandmother was a friend of another friend. This fact brought this so much closer to home. It actually shook my world just a bit! Is there any real security in this world? Are we all so vulnerable that we have to constantly be on our guard even in our own homes and in the homes of our family? My sympathy goes out to her family and all her friends. I can't even start to imagine how they will all deal with their loss!
I pray that the children involved in this horrible event will find support in dealing with this. My prayers are with them all.

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