Friday, June 15, 2007

Happy Friday!

Today was another good day. I did some jewelry making this morning. I came up with a very pretty necklace made with silver wire and Swarovski crystals. The class I taught at Beads and Baubles went very nicely. The ladies that I taught picked up pretty easily and they were fun to be with.
I'm not going to Mary's for Father's Day cause the father, Oliver, has a bad cold and is in great need of a restful weekend. Erica is sick, also, so I think I'll postpone my trip until Erica's birthday in two weeks. Laura started her job at Target. It'll be good for her to get out and get some money for herself.
I'll look forward to going to the pool and relax tomorrow.

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TeenageHermit said...

Your jewelry is so pretty! It's like the really expensive stuff you see in stores but also like a really cool find from an antique type yardsale (this is a good thing!). And you made all that yourself? That's cool! I wish I could make something like that.